Rishikund Rishikesh

Rishikund Rishikesh

Rishikesh is home to various sacred destinations with their own tales. If you love to visit new locations and learn about their history, Rishikesh is the ideal destination for you. Rishikesh has several temples and holy sites that have been mentioned in different epics of Hindu Mythology. 

Rishikund Rishikesh

Rishikund Rishikesh

Rishikund in Rishikesh is a not-to-miss destination for everyone. It is a pond blessed by goddess Yamuna and is filled with her sacred water. The word Rishikund is made using two words, Rishi and Kund, which means pond of the sage. It is a natural hot water spring and is considered a holy place in the town. 

Many tourists and devotees visit this place and bath there. This holy pond is located near Triveni Ghat Rishikesh Uttarakhand, and it has many stories related to Hindu Mythology. As per legends, when the Ganges was not flowing in this area, there was devastation created among people. 

During that time, this place was a Havan Kund, and many devotees had performed Yagna here to please Goddess Ganga. Then goddess Yamuna appeared and filled the pond with her sacred water. It is believed that the pond is filled with holy Yamuna water. People also say that it is made by saint Kubz as he was blessed by goddess Yamuna. 

History About Rishikund Rishikesh 

Rishikund is located beside Raghunath temple and is believed to be the bathing place of Lord Ram and Goddess Sita. The Raghunath temple is dedicated to lord ram and his wife, Goddess Sita. 

While some other stories say that it was built before the arrival of the Ganges to the earth, many rishis had performed Yagna here to bring the Ganges and overcome people’s problems. However, goddess Yamuna blessed them and stayed here forever. 

Many people from different corners of the world come here and pray to the goddess Yamuna and seek her blessings. The Raghunath temple, besides Rishikund, is another top attraction in this area. The reflection of the temple can be seen on the surface of the pond water during the daytime. 

This holy pond has around ten steps from all four sides through which you can get into the water. In the surroundings, there are large trees that provide enough shadow to the pond. It is a great place for relaxation and many people visit here to spend some time in the calm environment. 

Nearby Tourist Attractions  

Rishhikund and Raghunath temples are two main attractions in this area. But you can also visit Ram Jhula, Lakshman Jhula, Bharat Mandir, Neelkanth Mahadev Temple, Parmarth Niketan, Tera Manzil Temple, Triveni Ghat, etc. when you are in Rishikesh. 

If you are interested in yoga and meditation, you can visit Himalayan Yoga Ashram, Maa Yoga Ashram, and other yoga retreats situated in Rishikesh. The city is also popular for adventure activities so don’t forget to do some adventure activities here. 

How To Reach Rishikund 

You can reach Rishikund by sharing auto or bus from the Rishikesh railway station. If you come by air, you can book a taxi from the Dehradun airport, which is only 17 kilometers away. From the Rishikesh bus stand, Rishikund is only two kilometers away.       

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