Red Chilli Adventure Rishikesh

Red Chilli Adventure Rishikesh

Rishikesh is home to have unique experiences, whether it is spiritual, yoga, meditation, or adventure. Adventure activities in Rishikesh have a wide fanbase, and tourists from India and abroad come here to participate in different adventure activities organized here. 

Red Chilli Adventure Rishikesh

Red Chilli Adventure Rishikesh

Red Chilli Adventure is one of the top tour operators in this area that provides various adventure activities to people. It is located in the Tapovan area near Lakshman Jhula road in Rishikesh. If you are looking to do adventure activities in Rishikesh, you can reach this place. 

Some of the top adventure activities provided by Red Chilli Adventure are river rafting, trekking, camping, mountain biking, and wildlife. For each activity, the operator has several options with different price ranges so that you can select the activity at your convenience. 

Different Activities Offered by Red Chilli Adventure

River Rafting on Ganga River 

Ganga River Rafting in Rishikesh is one of the most famous activities that every person wants to do at least once. It provides a thrilling experience when you journey across the river and have a chance to explore the Ganga River. 

There is a half-day and full-day river rafting available for tourists. Some of the top rafting packages of Red Chilli Adventure Rishikesh are Shivpuri down 16 kilometers, Marine Drive down 26 kilometers, and Kodiyala down 35 kilometers. This tour also includes cliff jumping and body surfing activities. 

Camping And River Rafting 

It provides a two to three days package for camping and river rafting in Rishikesh. These activities provide a thrilling experience to visitors. Camping in Rishikesh includes delicious meals, hiking, exploring different places, and learning about different cultures. 

Red Chilli Adventure Rishikesh offers several camping packages to let you enjoy being close to nature. When camping in Rishikesh, you can do different outdoor and adventure activities for an exciting experience. 

River Rafting Expedition 

River rafting expedition is a type of tour offered by Red Chilli Adventure in Rishikesh that provides an incredible experience to adventure seekers. The duration of the expedition varies from 3 days to 12 days. 

These tours are usually done in Uttarakhand, Ladakh, and Arunachala Pradesh area. There are several expedition packages from which you can choose the one that will be convenient for you. The best time to go for expeditions in the Himalayan area is between October and March. 


Red Chilli organizes several treks across India that provide an outstanding experience to tourists. The tour operator has several treks in the Uttarakhand area, starting from easy treks to moderate and the most advanced level treks. 

Some popular treks organized by Red Chilli Adventure are Chandershila Trek, Dayara Bugyal Trek, Kauri Pass Trek, Dodital Trek, Roop Kund Trek, Nanda Devi Trek, Kalindi Khal Trek, etc. 

Wildlife In Uttarakhand 

Wildlife in India has a different feeling, and there are several national parks and wildlife sanctuaries where these activities can be planned. Rajaji National Park and Corbett National Park are the top locations where Red Chilli Adventure provides a wildlife experience in Uttarakhand. 

The duration of this trip can be from five hours to three days. Apart from these activities, it also provides mountain biking trips that vary from one day to four days. 

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