Nirmal Ashram Rishikesh

Rishikesh is a place where all kinds of tourists can get what they are looking for. It is an extraordinary tourist destination for witnessing nature, adventure activities, spirituality, and many more. This sacred place has many stories related to multiple events of Hindu mythology. 

Nirmal Ashram is such a place in Rishikesh, which is a heaven for people who are interested in spirituality. Those who are looking to spend their lives in Sewa and Simran should consider visiting this ashram and spending some time there. You can also stay for a few days in this ashram and learn different things related to spirituality. 

Nirmal Ashram Rishikesh

Nirmal Ashram Rishikesh

It follows Nirmal Panth, which was initiated by Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. The Nirmal Ashram was founded by Simran Mahant Buddha Singh Ji in 1903. It is located in the Mayakund area in Rishikesh. The main motto of establishing this ashram was to provide lodging and boarding facilities to sadhus and saints in Rishikesh Ganga. 

Room Facilities and Other Services Provided by The Ashram 

Nirmal ashram in Rishikesh provides excellent room facilities to tourists. All rooms are clean, beautiful, and include basic facilities to provide a better experience. In the ashram, kirtan is performed on a daily basis to maintain positivity in the atmosphere. Apart from that, the Nirmal Ashram also provides various community services in Rishikesh.

The ashram has a community kitchen to provide food for everyone irrespective of age, religion, caste, color, gender, or social status. The main motto of this langar service is to bring equality between people. This ashram is running two schools and those are Nirmal Deepmala Pagarani Public School and Nirmal Ashram Gyan Daan Academy. 

It aims to provide quality education to students and help them improve socially and emotionally. Also, the ashram ensures to make students self-dependent in society which can be done by quality education. This ashram also provides healthcare services to poor and needy people. 

The healthcare services by this Ashram were started in 1990 in Rishikesh. Further, it organizes free medical camps every year for needy people. In 2004, this ashram was established Nirmal Ashram Eye Institute to provide better treatment to people. Moreover, this ashram provides vocational training and orphanage & old age home services. 

Activities In the Nirmal Ashram 

The ashram organizes a sangeet every day that offers a better experience to tourists. Apart from that, the ashram provides various social services and organizes different activities for the welfare of society. On the occasion of Guru Nanak Jayanti, special events are organized in the ashram every year. 

Entry Fee and Timings 

There is no entry fee to go to this ashram. The opening timings of this ashram are 6 am to 7 pm. There is a small gurudwara in this ashram where Guru Nanak Ji is worshiped. 

How To Reach This Ashram 

Nirmal Ashram is located two kilometers away from the Rishikesh bus stand, from where you can reach this place via cab or your own vehicle. This ashram is two kilometers away from the Rishikesh railway station and 15 kilometers away from the Jolly Grant Airport. This ashram is 8 kilometers far from Haridwar.        

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