Madhuban Ashram Iskcon Rishikesh

Madhuban Ashram Iskcon Rishikesh

Rishikesh is the pilgrimage town of India and is home to various temples, Ashrams, and statues. Every year, many tourists visit this place and become part of the spiritual and cultural activities took place here. Because of these reasons, Uttarakhand is known as the land of gods. 

Madhuban Ashram Iskcon Rishikesh is an outstanding holy place for the devotees of Lord Krishna. When you are at this ashram, you can seek blessings from Krishna Bhagavan in the morning and evening Aarti. Apart from that, this Ashram offers good hospitality and has its own restaurant in the ashram itself. 

Madhuban Ashram Iskcon Rishikesh

Madhuban Ashram Iskcon Rishikesh

This Ashram is located at Kailash Gaten, Muni Ki Reti, in the town of Rishikesh. Many people love this location and enjoy the natural views of this place. Janmashtami is one of the main festivals celebrated in this ashram, and many competitions are also organized during this festival. 

Madhuban Ashram is also known as Iskcon Temple because it follows Iskcon Temple. Every year, a Ratha Yatra is organized at this Ashram. Bhaktiyog Swami Maharaj is the spiritual head of this Ashram. The main mission of the authorities of the Madhuban Ashram is to help people in their self-realization through spirituality. 

Different Activities in Madhuban Ashram

When you are in Madhuban Ashram Iskcon Rishikesh, you can be a part of different activities conducted in this Ashram. This will give you an amazing experience and let you learn different things about spirituality. Every morning and evening, Aarti of Krishna Ji is organized in the Ashram. 

Another daily activity of this Ashram is Bhajan. On the occasion of Janmashtami, different competitions are organized in the Ashram for different age groups. You will need two hours to completely explore this place.  

Entry Fees and Timings 

This Ashram has no entry fees for pilgrims to visit Ashram. It opens from 5 am to 12 pm and 4 pm to 8 pm every day. If you are planning to visit this Ashram, you should plan your schedule accordingly. 

Services And Facilities Provided by The Ashram 

Madhuban Ashram provides room services such as single room, double room, club private suite, club private room, and presidential suite. Further, these rooms have modern facilities and can provide a better experience. There is a restaurant that provides vegetarian cuisines to tourists.

If you visit the place during the evening, you can plan your stay here and experience outstanding room services and vegetarian meals at the restaurant. They provide laundry, dry cleaning, and pick and drop services as well. As mentioned above, the Ashram is known for its excellent hospitality. 

How To Reach Madhuban Ashram 

This Ashram is situated at Kailash Gate, Muni Ki Reti, Rishikesh, which is two kilometers away from the Rishikesh bus stand and 4 kilometers away from the Rishikesh railway station. You can travel by bus, auto, taxi, or private vehicle to this place. 

This ashram is 20 kilometers far from Jolly Grant Airport. If you go by air, you can book a cab from the airport to the Ashram. It is located 15 kilometers away from Haridwar so you can go there via road.   

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