Jadh Ganga Trek Rishikesh

Jadh Ganga Trek Rishikesh

Adventure activities in Rishikesh have a wide fanbase and attract tourists from different corners of India and abroad. Starting from easy treks to moderate and difficult treks, trekking is one of the most famous attractions in Rishikesh. Jadh Ganga trek is a moderate gradient trek that starts from Bhairon Ghati, and the highest point of this trek is 5230 meters. 

Jadh Ganga Trek Rishikesh

Jadh Ganga Trek Rishikesh

This trek is very popular because of its beautiful views and challenges. The place is calm and is quite attractive. Snow white glaciers, streams, and magnificent landscapes provide a unique view and enhance the beauty of this location. It is considered one of the dangerous treks in Uttarakhand and requires more time to complete. 

History About Jadh Ganga Trek 

The raw beauty and the scenic views of this location attract many people to participate in the trek. The history of this trek describes that Heinrich Harrer and his friends had traveled in this route when they escaped from the Dehradun prison in May 1944. 

They traveled through Aglar valley, Nag Tibba ridge, Nelang, Sonam, and Dosindhu. After reaching Pulamsunda, they trek further to reach Mendi and Tsangchokla. If you want to trek further, you can go towards Mana Pass and Saraswati Tal and reach Badrinath temple. Overall, this trek provides a thrilling experience to participants.       

Jadh Ganga Trek Food and Stay Facilities 

Jadh Ganga trek is a popular adventure activity in the Rishikesh location. While going on the trek, you will have to carry camping tents for your overnight stays. Also, you will not get any place for eating on the trek, so you will have to carry water and food with you. You should carry your warm clothes, medical kit, and trekking gear to enjoy the journey better.

The duration of the trek is seven days, so you should ensure to carry all necessary items with you for a safe and convenient journey. Bhairon Ghati, which is the base camp of this trek, is 260 kilometers from Rishikesh. So, you can reach the base camp by bus or taxi from Rishikesh. You can reach the base camp from Haridwar, Rishikesh, or Dehradun. 

Jadh Ganga Trek Route

This trek requires seven days, and each day will give you some unique experiences. On the first day of the trek, you will have to travel for seven hours from Bhairon Ghati to Karmoli. You will trek through dense forest and pass different streams. Then you will reach the Chaudhar stream for a night stay. 

On the second day, you will have to travel from Karmoli to Naga while enjoying natural views of the surroundings. The day three trek starts from Naga to Sonam, which is a thrilling route and will provide you with superior experiences. On the fourth day, you will have to trek through rocky terrain on the left side of the river to reach Pulamsunda.

On the fifth day of the trek, you can trek nearby peaks. You can explore the beauty of splendid landscapes. You will trek to Sumla village on the 6th day of the trek. On the 7th day, you will trek to Tsangchokla and then terminate the trek. Then you can return back to Pulamsunda, Karmoli, and then Bhairon Ghati.     

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