Flying Fox Rishikesh

Flying Fox Rishikesh

Rishikesh is an ideal place for spiritual, adventure, yoga, and meditation activities. So, tourists of all categories find this place very interesting. Every year, a large number of tourists visit Rishikesh and explore different places. Out of many adventure activities in Rishikesh, flying fox is a popular one. 

Flying Fox Rishikesh

Flying Fox Rishikesh

Rishikesh is also known as the adventure capital of India and houses various adventure sports to thrill adventure lovers. In the flying fox adventure activity, you will fly over the Ganga River, which will be an exciting experience. The activity uses a set of heavy-duty cables that are attached by a harness or pulley. 

Before opting for this adventure activity, you will be taught the safety guidelines and given the needed equipment for the sport. When flying at a height of 120 meters and a speed of 140 Kmph, you can get stunning views of the Himalayas and feel fresh wind on your face. The flying fox in Rishikesh has a length of 1 kilometer and is known as the longest flying fox in Asia. 

It is designed by New Zealand experts and is one of the best sports for adventurers. You can plan to participate in this sport with your family. Usually, the flying fox activity is performed with three people in tandem. You can also participate in this sport solo by paying an extra cost. 

If you are looking for spiritual activities, yoga, or meditation practices in Rishikesh, you can plan to visit Muni Ki Reti. This place is well known for several temples, yoga centers, Ayurveda centers, and ashrams in Rishikesh.   

Safety Precautions  

  • The flying fox site in Rishikesh is designed by New Zealand experts by following all the safety precautions. Further, audits are conducted frequently to ensure maximum safety. 
  • A daily examination is conducted on the site to check the safety standards and timetables. The height and the strength of cables are checked to prevent mishaps. 

Requirements For Flying Fox in Rishikesh 

  • The minimum age requirements for this adventure sport are 12 years. 
  • The minimum and maximum weight requirements of flying fox Rishikesh are 35 kg and 120 kg, respectively.
  • Timings for flying fox in Rishikesh are 9.30 am to 3.30 pm. 
  • On Tuesday, this activity is closed. 
  • The flying fox location in Rishikesh is Mohan Chatti village in Rishikesh.

Price Details for Flying Fox 

  • The cost of an entry ticket is 100 rupees.
  • Flying fox in tandem costs 1800 rupees. 
  • Flying fox for in solo is priced at 3000 rupees.  

Cancellation Policy 

In case of cancellation, you will get a refund within 10 days. Also, there is a cancellation fee which depends on when you cancel your booking. If the activities can’t be performed due to government restrictions or inappropriate weather conditions, the organizer will try to provide an alternative activity. 

How To Reach 

The flying fox site in Rishikesh is located at a distance of 22 kilometers from Rishikesh. So, you can reach this place by taxi, bus, or auto. From the Dehradun airport, this site is 39 kilometers away. You can book a cab from the airport to reach this place.

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